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Como se conectar à Deus


In first place you don't connect to god, but god connects with you, but sometimes we are so absorbed in things we do not notice its presence.

Secondly, people are different. Some people like listing to  lectures and sermons, but others hate them. Some pople like being alone, contemplating nature, meditating and praying, others find that weird.  Some people like to read, others to listen, others to watch, others to do. Depending on your personality, God will use a diferent way to communicate with you. For example, if your grandme doesn'e have a phone,  if your grandma doesn't have a cell phone or computer or even phone ('m exaggerating), you will have to use the old and good card to communicate with her if you are far away from her.

The most specific ways that God uses to communicate to us today are:


By the Bible 

The bible is like a letter that God sent to his kids. Here you'll learn what God did and will do to connect  with us on the future, on how to live better today etc..


By Prayer

Prayer is talking with God the same way you talk to a friend. You can tell the truth, open your

heart by asking, complaining, thanking, and finally talking.


In Your Community 

People are contagious. When we relate to people that are connected with God, we are being influenced and also getting connected with Him.


Here I spend some lines to start a dialog that we will get deeper into. Give your oppinion, ask questions and lets all togeter connect with God and one another.


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